Thursday, November 21, 2019

Software applications Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Software applications - Essay Example It is the reason why it is better not to rely too much upon this service in order to prevent mistakes in spelling or grammar. One of my favorite services is the ability to make footnotes and endnotes. It is very convenient when I need to add information or leave a reminder to check something later. It is also very convenient to create well-formatted outlines with updatable page numbers. PPT and Exel are very useful for creating presentations and tables. PPT gives much space for creativity; one can select different styles and formats or slides. Moreover, it is possible to insert multimedia files such as music, video or pictures in the presentation to make it entertaining. When I have to present something, I usually use this application to create some support for my speech. Exel is applicable in working with data. It makes it simple to craft table or diagrams, where variable can be changed and other numbers will update automatically. For instance, I can count my expenditures in Exel and create a comprehensive report. I think that services from MS Office are more convenient than handwriting. First of all, the produced result is easily readable. When any text is typed, it be sent anywhere by one clock only. Also, it is easy to highlight something in the text, select appropriate font type and size. Handwriting is less convenient in terms of formatting. However, it is more applicable when I need to take some notes watching the film, write down a phone number or create an outline. Using these applications every day, I am sure that they are more convenient than hand-writing. Even though writing can be faster and more convenient than typing sometimes, typing makes texts more accurate and readable. It becomes more applicable for further work because it is better structured, formatted and

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