Tuesday, February 11, 2020

The Choice Program Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Choice Program - Essay Example It was to be provided to both the public and private schools of the choice of the students. The eligibility of the students entailed the students being dwellers of Douglas County School District (DCSD). In addition, they were to be current students of DCSD schools and must have been within the district within a year. The management keeps a partnership with the students of Douglas community, the schools the students go to, and their parents as well. They are responsible for all the students in Douglas. Choice scholarship program seeks to provide the ideal learning environment for children, world class education so that the children can compete with anybody in the world, and system performance. The intention of system performance is to measure the potential outcomes that are provided for the students (DCSD Para 2). They have strategies or plans with three major priorities such as choice which have more than twenty different techniques or strategies for improving parents’ capability of marching the schools they desire for their children. Choice Scholarship Programs funding does not emanate from the district funding though on legal basis they have a right to access these funds. The board privately raises the funds for the program and tax payers’ cash has not been used in the legal processes or operation of the program. They are paid for by funds that are donated (DCSD Para 3). The establishment of the program entailed obtaining views from parents and developing some sense of quality control. The schools that the program partnered with had to meet the requisite requirements that had been stipulated by the environment. The private schools were task with the responsibility of treating all the students equally irrespective of the student obtaining scholarship from the Choice program or not. The program was to be within the standard statue and they created a charted school that allowed them to work with the students better. The charter school has

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